New Year´s Greeting

31. des. 2015

In a few words I would like to summarize the year that is about to pass by, as well as to talk about the feeling I have for the new year, a year I'm confident that will be characterized by challenging and successful projects and effective collaboration of individuals and companies within the municipality.

Looking back

 The year 2015 will always be remembered and marked by figures, analysis and operational audits. Work that is, at the end of the year, resulting in a clear overview and understanding of the operational status of Hafnarfjörður municipality. The work is furthermore the foundation of a realistic and clear budget plan for the year to come. Plan that will yield more than 360 million surplus. A plan I believe that we, I and my associate managers and employees, will manage to enforce and thereby improve the operational status of the municipality. Increased working capital is a prerequisite to make it possible to reduce debt and municipal debt reduction prerequisite in order to be able to plan and execute more and to build and improve services provided. I prefer to look at Hafnarfjörður as a company, a major service company where I as a manager will like to ensure effective operational manners and focus on good corporate culture and a good working atmosphere that will mirror the service provided to customers. In this case, the residents and the businesses that operate within the municipality as well as guests and visitors who visit our town in a larger number than ever before. We have already taken some steps in the right direction. We have mostly payed all of our foreign debt and number of our major services have been auctioned which will result in a substantial financial benefit in the upcoming year. Here I mention just a few examples.

Looking ahead

I fully believe that we all want to see Hafnarfjörður grow and flourish and become a good role model for other municipalities. This will be achieved with a concerted effort by all of us, positivity and by looking at our local community with new opportunities and possibilities in mind. I myself promise to listen actively and assist with projects that match the goals and policies of the municipality of even better service and a better town to live in. I would like to use this opportunity to thank all the wonderful people who have voluntarily acted on and implemented honorable projects within the community. At the same time I would like to thank all the wonderful people who work within Hafnarfjörður municipality for their professional work and contribution to the development work already taken place and will continue to do so in the new year. The future is bright filled with old and new challenges, possibilities and tasks. I can surely say I look forward to it.

May the new year bring me and my good colleagues more conversation with interesting and interested local people who have new ideas and see opportunities and potential in their local community, visits to companies here in Hafnarfjörður to gain more overview of their activities and ambitions, interesting and fun projects and beyond all happy residents concerned about their local community and neighbors.

May the new year bring us all happiness and good health.
Together, we will make Hafnarfjörður one of the best municipalities in Iceland!

 Haraldur L. Haraldsson, Mayor of Hafnarfjörður