Living in Hafnarfjörður

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Hafnarfjörður is Iceland's third largest town, with a population of over 29,800. A progressive municipality that focuses on ensuring a family-friendly environment, Hafnarfjörður provides exemplary services and supports a dynamic economy.

Hafnarfjörður´s local authority prioritises electronic services, providing residents and visitors with secure 24 hour internet access from all locations. This allows them to resolve issues or do business online at their own convenience.

Hafnarfjörður's service centre, located at Strandgata 6, is the gateway to all the town´s departments and institutions and is the simplest way to access information and services.

The service center is open every working day between 08:00 and 16:00. Tel. 585 5500

Alert level due to COVID-19

In light of stricter disease prevention measures ordered by the authorities, the municipality has reviewed its services in accordance with the relevant response plan. The municipality’s services remain mostly unchanged while work procedures will be adjusted to fit new social distancing limits.

Employees are encouraged to practice individual disease prevention and managers have reviewed protocols in workstations. Furthermore, special guidelines have been prepared for staff members returning to work after trips abroad to minimise risk of infection.

Visits to inhabitants have been restricted to protect vulnerable groups. Guidelines have been issued to the families of residents in nursing homes, service apartments for the elderly, as well as the residents in apartments and group homes for people with disabilities. Operating units will not be closed nor will services be limited at this time as regards social activities for the elderly and canteens. However, the 2 m distance rule will be in place and number of people restrictions respected.

The operations of museums will remain mostly unchanged except for people restrictions and the 2 m rule.

Swimming places will be open with restrictions. No more than 100 people are allowed in each space and the 2 m rule is mandatory. Signs on restrictions to the number of people will be put up next to hot tubs and saunas and hand sanitiser will be accessible. Opening hours will remain the same.

We are on alert and will take the appropriate measures as needed, in cooperation with civil protection services and the chief epidemiologist.