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Experience the atmosphere - come HOME to Hafnarfjörður

Hafnarfjörður is popular among tourists. However, Hafnarfjörður has managed to maintain its cosy atmosphere and warmness, while at the same time building diverse commerce and services. Today you can find numerous cafes and restaurants all over town, which all have their charm and uniqueness. Weekly events and entertainment are evidence of the diversity of the town's cultural life. A big role is played by Bæjarbíó (Town Cinema) , Gaflaraleikhúsið (Gaflara Theatre) and Leikfélag Hafnarfjarðar (Hafnarfjörður Acting Society), along with Byggðasafn Hafnarfjarðar (Hafnarfjörður Museum), Hafnarborg and Bókasafn Hafnarfjarðar (Hafnarfjörður Library), with free access to all museums.

A vibrant town centre and charming dock area

Hafnarfjörður is in many ways unique, especially for the vibrant town centre, charming dock area and easy access to diverse and beautiful natural treasures. Some of them are within walking distance from the town centre: Hellisgerði, Víðistaðatún, Lækurinn and Hamarinn, to name a few. Many residents in Hafnarfjörður have the luxury of having Helgafell, Hvaleyrarvatn, Ásfjall and Ástjörn in their backyard and other residents have these treasures just outside the town limits. In the upper areas of Hafnarfjörður there are adventures at every turn.

The health town, Hafnarfjörður, is a friendly town, surrounded by lava and natural treasures, that has grown considerably the last decade and has in a unique way managed to maintain a cosy atmosphere along with being active in welcoming everyone that visits the town.

  • Charming dock area
  • A vibrant town centre with diverse shops, Icelandic design and handicrafts.
  • Cosy cafes and restaurants with delicious food
  • Three different swimming pools, each one with its own charm
  • Natural treasures
  • A profound history and culture
  • Cosy atmosphere

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