Services for disabled

Hafnarfjörður Township is responsible for services for the disabled, policy formulation, execution and monitoring of the services. The disabled are entitled to all general services of the municipality but if the relevant need is greater, specialized service is supplied.

Hafnarfjörður Township provides various services in this area

  • Counselling and support for the disabled and the parents of disabled children
  • Home services
  • Habilitation
  • Vocational training
  • Sheltered employment
  • Support families for disabled children
  • Travelling services

Services for disabled children and their families

The Leisure Time Club, Kletturinn, offers diverse leisure activities after normal school hours for disabled children and adolescents in 5th-10th grade.

The families of disabled children have the option of a support family that can assume care of the child for a short period of time to reduce stress in the child's family.

The service need is assessed with regard to the conditions of the child and its family. The assessment takes the child's disability and need for care into account, as well as the social circumstances of the family.

Home and household

The goal is to enable individuals with disabilities to live in their own home in accordance with their needs and wishes as much as possible, and thereby strengthen people's power over their own circumstances and their life.

The service remedies are intended for disabled individuals that have permanent disability ratings and whose residence does not fulfil their wishes and special needs due to the disability.

The disabled have the option of social services and special support to be able to live in the manner best suited to the individual. This service is intended to take account of the circumstances, wishes and needs of each individual. The aim is to ensure that people have a choice on the manner in which they live, just like everyone else in the community. The services should assist people in being in charge of their lives and circumstances, strengthen their status and quality of life.

Applications can be made for home services in the form of social home services and further personal support, irrespective of whether people are living in their own apartments, rented apartments in the general market or in rental social assistance housing.

NPA (user-controlled personal assistance)

NPA is a form of services intended to fulfil the needs of the disabled for assistance, both at home and out in the community. The services are organized around the user's assumptions and under his guide. By making an NPA agreement the user receives payments instead of services, chooses assistants, is the project manager and makes his/her own decisions on the course of action and the utilization of assistants.

Travel services

The main goal of travel services for the disabled is to enable the users to attend work, studies, habilitation, training, leisure time and have health services.

Travel services are intended for use of residents of Hafnarfjörður that are mentally and/or physically impaired and are unable to use public transportation.

Vocational training and employment

Habilitation, vocational training and sheltered employment are intended to provide the disabled with training and support in order to increase their ability to work and participate in daily life or in the general labour market.


Lækur – a refuge for people with mental health problems. The refuge is located by Lækurinn in Hafnarfjörður where birdlife is diverse. The housing offers diverse activities with computers and facilities for art creation. Also, laundry and hygiene facilities are available.

Legal representation for the disabled

Disabled persons who have difficulty defending their interests are entitled to select a personal spokesperson to help them to make their wishes known. The spokesperson provides assistance with protecting personal rights and other personal issues, such as regarding interactions with health-care workers, choice of residence, employment, leisure activities and use of funds.

Advisory Board

The Advisory Board operates in Hafnarfjörður, the board is consultative of municipal authorities and the town's institutions and represents disabled town residents in terms of organizing and executing the services.