Senior citizens

Service to senior citizens at Hafnarfjörður Township is diverse, both within the homes and outside, and is aimed towards people being able to live in an independent residency for as long as possible.

Support services

Available services are assistance with housecleaning, social support and motivation in the form of visits, visits in the evenings and weekends and assistance with grocery shopping. There are two canteens in town, and it is possible to have home food deliveries.

Senior citizens that are living independently and are unable to use public transportation due to chronic physical disability and do not have access to their own vehicle can apply for transport services. Transport services for senior citizens refer to essential doctor visits, physiotherapy/rehabilitation or social activities. Also, they refer to shopping trips that service receivers who have visit services, go on with a staff member.

Social activities

Social activities for the elderly are operated in three locations in town and functions are diverse. There are three day-care centers Sólvangur has a general and specialized day-care for the memory impaired, Hrafnista has a general day-care and Drafnarhús has a specialized day-care for the memory impaired.

Nursing homes in Hafnarfjörður

Two nursing homes are operated in Hafnarfjörður; Sólvangur and Hrafnista.

The first step in the application process is to apply for competence and health assessment with the Committee of Competence and Health Assessment at Þönglabakki 1, 109 Reykjavík.

Subsidy for sports and leisure activities of senior citizens

Hafnarfjörður Township subsidizes sports and leisure activities for inhabitants over 67 years of age in accordance with relevant legislation. Subsidies are income-linked and are granted to those with an income according to the 2020 tax return, kr. 391,560 - total income per month. The goal of subsidies is to promote health improvement among residents and strengthen the general health and fitness of that age group.

The subsidy is 4,000 - for each participant per month, i.e. up to 48,000 - in total subsidies per year.

Seniors' Committee

The Seniors' Committee's role is to look after the interests of senior citizens in Hafnarfjörður and give advice to the Town Council on those matters. The Council shall have as wide a consultation as possible with the Elderly Association in Hafnarfjörður and other parties engaged in their matters.