Intercultural Hafnarfjörður

Intercultural Hafnarfjörður

Hafnarfjörður is an intercultural town. Around 14% of the residents are of foreign descent and Hafnarfjörður Township celebrates diversity.

The Hafnarfjörður Township is committed to ensuring that everyone can be an active participant in the community and receive a fair and just treatment, regardless of origin. This is accomplished by seeking the views of stakeholders and/or professionals on policy formulation and decision making, that particularly concerns immigrants.

The main role of the intercultural project leader in Hafnarfjörður Township is to strengthen and reinforce the multicultural society of Hafnarfjörður. This involves supporting immigrants and children of immigrants, and contributing to a strong connection with society, increasing the visibility of immigrants and children of immigrants and contributing to the supply of information to immigrants and the town's employees.


If you have recommendations on exciting intercultural projects or relating to interculturalism in the town, please contact the intercultural project leader

The Facebook page of Hafnarfjörður Township in English: 

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The intercultural council

In Hafnarfjörður there is an intercultural council operating with five representatives.

Its role is to advise the town council, committees and other councils of Hafnarfjörður Township on matters and interests of immigrant residents. The council shall support any supply of information and cooperation of the town of Hafnarfjörður with interest groups of immigrants, to form policy and make suggestions to the Municipal Council within its scope. The council shall strive to connect communities in Hafnarfjörður, build bridges between Icelanders and immigrants, address issues of immigrants and contribute to a peaceful multicultural society. The Multiculturalism Council was first established in 2017.

The Intercultural Council of Hafnarfjörður on Facebook

The presiding Intercultural Council was established in March 2020,

  • Anna Karen Svövudóttir, Chairman
  • Karólína Helga Símonardóttir, Vice-Chairman
  • Aleksandra Julia Wegrzyniak
  • Sylwia Baginska
  • Laura Cervera
  • Erla Ragnarsdóttir
  • Hólmfríður Þórisdóttir

Ólafía Björk Ívarsdóttir, intercultural project leader at Hafnarfjörður Township is an employee of the Council

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