Hafnarfjörður Township provides various services in housing, i.e. consultation, processing of special housing support and receiving of applications for social housing and its allocation.

Housing support

The aim of housing support is to lower the cost of housing for low-income tenants by paying housing benefits for leasing of residential housing. Housing benefits need to be applied for with the Iceland Housing and Construction Authority at Borgartún 21 in Reykjavík or electronically at hms.is. Proof of applicants' entitlement needs to be given by the same authority. You will be taken to a new website and there you will find further information about the application process.

application for housing support

Special housing support

Hafnarfjörður Township grants a special housing support to those living in a challenging financial and/or social situation. The special housing support is a financial support, to pay rent that exceeds regular housing benefits.

The special housing support is calculated as a percentage of housing benefits so that for every 1,000 kr. in housing benefits a tenant receives 900 kr. for a special housing support. Housing benefits and the special housing support can never exceed 82,000 kr. in total and can never exceed 75% of housing costs.

The special housing support is not paid when housing costs minus housing benefits is 50,000 kr. or less.

Conditions for application approval:

  • Proof of applicant's entitlement of housing benefits must be provided.
  • An applicant needs to be 18 years of age on the date of application and have legal domicile in Hafnarfjörður.
  • Rental housing should be located in Hafnarfjörður, unless the housing is for children aged 15–17 years.
  • The combined assets of applicants and other members of the household, 18 years and older, for the last year before the application, should not exceed 5,126,000 kr.