Applicants for international protection

At any given time, the Hafnarfjörður Township provides a group of applicants for protection with services according to an agreement with Icelandic Directorate of Immigration.


A support division for refugees and applicants for international protection handles the services, it is a department within the Hafnarfjörður Department of Family and Children Affairs. 

The department also provides services to those that have been granted protection and have settled in the municipality, the services are provided the first two years after the provision of protection.


Services to refugees involve :

  • assistance in finding housing
  • providing financial aid
  • educating the people on the Icelandic community. 

The department staff also takes care of unaccompanied minors that have applied for protection in the municipality and other child protection within the category in the municipality.

The aim of the department is people adapting well to Icelandic society and being active participants, through work and recreation.