THE BRIDGE - Child consultancy

The goal is to improve the quality of life of children, adolescents and their families

The goal with THE BRIDGE is to integrate the town's services and improve the quality of life of children, adolescents and their families. We focus on providing more service on the earlier stages with the involvement of The Bridge's teams in preschools and primary schools. In addition, there is increased professional cooperation between the Department of Family and Children Affairs and the Department of Education and Public Health in Hafnarfjörður.

The Bridge's teams within preschools and primary schools

Members of The Bridge's teams include school professionals, along with consultants from The Bridge's family and school service, psychologists and/or special education advisers from the Department of Education and Public Health. The role of The Bridge's teams is to map out the child's status and seek cooperative solutions, in support of the child and its family. Discussions on education, behaviour, development and/or wellbeing of a child are conducted in The Bridge's teams, with the parents' approval and appropriate remedies are activated in order to react sooner against the difficulties or situations that the child is facing. The parents and the child, given the age and maturity, are always involved in the discussion and finding solutions with different professionals.

Ferill2020-2021-leikskoliThe Bridge procedure for Preschools


The Bridge procedure for Primary schools

Altered procedures in the service of children and families

Right from the start this new approach was implemented in seven pre-schools and three primary schools. In the fall of 2019, four more pre-schools and two primary schools were added. All the schools in the municipality were involved in the procedure form the start of the school year in 2020. This is not a temporary project, but rather a change in procedures in the service of children and families in Hafnarfjörður. If parents wish to ask for service from The Bridge's team, they should contact the supervising teacher or the administrators of the schools that are involved with The Bridge.

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