Leisure activity grants


A monthly grant from Hafnarfjarðarbær for reduction of the membership fees is kr. 4,500 for each participant aged 6-18 years.

The aim of these leisure activity grants is to allow children with legal residence in Hafnarfjörður to participate in sports and recreational activities regardless of their family finances and at the same time promote sports and other preventative activities in Hafnarfjörður. The grant is also meant to prevent the unwanted dropout in participation by older age groups.

The year the child turns 6 years old they will start receiving a grant on January 1st, and will stop receiving it on December 31st the year they turn 18 years. It is only possible to receive this grant once every month. Also, a grant is not paid during periods that the child is not training.

After electronic registration of the child with sports and leisure clubs, in or outside Hafnarfjörður, parents can choose to utilise the grant and deduct it from the participation fees. Students in music education, e.g. in the Music School of Hafnarfjörður can also utilise the leisure activity grant.


  • Log in with electronic identification
  • Choose “Frístundastyrkur”
  • Choose sports club
  • Choose participant
  • Choose seminar
  • Check “
  • Confirm registration

If a sports club does not turn up on the list, please contact the service centre to find out whether the club has a contract with Hafnarfjörður Township. If a club has a contract but does not show up in the system, a receipt must be turned in at the service centre. The receipt must not be older than two months.

Please note that it is not possible reimburse or reverse a grant from clubs when a parent/legal guardian has already allocated the grant to a club.

Sports and leisure time activity grants to children from low income households

Is your child entitled to additional support for leisure time in the autumn of 2021? The town of Hafnarfjörður draws special attention to the fact that children born in the years 2006-2015 living in low-income households may be entitled to ISK 25,000. additional funding for sports and leisure activities in the autumn of 2021. This is a grant from the Ministry of Social Affairs for COVID-19, which the municipalities are responsible for paying out. The aim of the grant is to equalize the opportunities for children to participate in organized sports and leisure activities. 

Applications must be received no later than December 31, 2021.

More information on special sport and leisure time activity grants