Daycare parents - home daycare


In Hafnarfjörður there are operating daycare parents, taking care of children and with a work permit at home.

Contacting Daycare Parents

Parents contact daycare parents themselves when looking for a place for the child. It is recommended that parents talk to two or more daycare parents, before deciding on a stay. Daycare parents take care of children enrolment themselves.

List of daycare parents 

Choosing daycare parent

On choosing a daycare parent, the parties in question make a contract between them. On one hand, there is a placement agreement signed, and on the other hand, there is an agreement regarding the subsidization of Hafnarfjörður. It is important to read the conditions of the placement agreement thoroughly, as well as the regulations of the Daycare Parents Association.

The grounds for good daycare is mutual trust and honest interactions between daycare parents and parents, and lays the foundation of the child's welfare.

Rate list and subsidies

The rate list of daycare parents is voluntary but Hafnarfjörður Township subsidizes the staying fee according to certain regulations, decided by the Town Council.

Conditions for subsidies

The conditions for subsidies are that a parent is domiciled in Hafnarfjörður, that the relevant daycare parent is licensed, the child has accident insurance and that a placement agreement is made between parents and daycare parent, and approved by the daycare representative.

Subsidies will commence when a child has reached 9 months of age with parents in cohabitation or from 6 months of age with single parents and students. Students are required to submit confirmation of school admission by the relevant school.

After 15 months of age the basic subsidy increases. The subsidy never exceeds 8.5 hours per day.

Subsidies outside of Hafnarfjörður

Hafnarfjörður Township subsidizes stays with daycare parents outside Hafnarfjörður, should the parents choose to take their children to daycare parents outside of Hafnarfjörður.

Additional Subsidy

You can apply for an additional subsidy through My Pages because of low income, single parents or siblings with a daycare parent. It is not possible for parents to receive both sibling discount and income-linked discount.

You can view the subsidies in the RATE LIST

Operating licenses of daycare parents

Daycare parents work independently and operate according to regulation on the daycare of children in homes. The Education Council of Hafnarfjörður reviews and grants operating licenses to daycare parents, given certain conditions.


The parents of children in daycare are in the best position to monitor the operation of daycare parents as they are in daily contact with them. Supervision of the operation of daycare parents is performed, it consists for example of visits by an independent supervisory party to each daycare parent. The daycare representative also supervises and handles operations of daycare parents and is based at the office of the Department of Education and Public Health in Hafnarfjörður.

The representative's role is among other things to process job and subsidy applications. Consultancy and supervision by the daycare representative are performed in regular and notified visits, twice a year or more frequently, if needed.

Health and conditions :

If a parent is concerned about the health of a child or conditions at the daycare, he/she should contact the daycare representative. Parents can contact the representative with concerns and discuss the daycare with him/her, with full confidentiality.