After school centres

Warmth, security and respect

After-school centers are intended for children in the 1st to 4th grade and are operated in all primary schools in Hafnarfjörður. The role of after-school centers is to offer diverse leisure activities for students after the traditional school day. 

The work is based on choice, group work, workshops and outdoor activities. In addition, we offer afternoon snacks during the middle of the day. The aim of the after-school centers is that each child can flourish and develop in an environment characterized by warmth, security and respect.

Opening hours

After-school centers are open after school until 17:00 every weekday. They are open on joint staff planning days and weekdays during Easter and Christmas holidays.

Attendance Rates

The price is calculated according to the price list for after-school centers in Hafnarfjörður. There is a day rate and not an hourly rate and included in the fee is an afternoon snack, stay and extended attendance on days that are open all day.

After-school centers rate list


Sibling discount

The sibling discount is granted for children who have another sibling in after-school center services or siblings at the same time in pre-school or with a daycare parent. Note that there is not the same discount percentage for leisure and pre-school. The discount is calculated from the general stay fee, for each child in excess of one.

  • The youngest sibling pays the full fee, but a discount is given
  • For other siblings 75%
  • For third siblings 100%
  • For the fourth sibling 100%

You can apply for a sibling discount through My pages

After School Shuttle Services

All children in the 1st to 4th grade are offered after-school shuttle services to sport practices starting at 15.00 and 16.00. The project is carried out in collaboration between Hafnarfjarðarbær, sports clubs and Hópbílar. Parents need to register their children separately for after-school shuttle service  

Registration for summer vacation begins in May each year 

Various and constructive courses are offered for the graduation groups of Pre-schools in all the leisure centers. The courses are held in August and are introduced separately.


Registration is done electronically through My Pages . Applications received before June 15th will have priority during admittance, applications received after that time will not be processed until August. 

When registering, it is important to ensure that all information is correct and that special needs are noticed. It is important to check in particular whether all the contact information is correct and sometimes a contact needs to be added if a child lives in two homes. We would also like to draw your attention to the fact that it needs to be stated in the application if a child needs a special support.

Important notification - Reply and Accept 

When a child receives a notification of a stay at an after-school centre, the parent will get an e-mail at the address stated. The parent will have to reply and accept within three days from receiving the e-mail. If this e-mail is not accepted, the stay will not be active. 

After the deadline

After the deadline, the parent will have to contact the relevant after-school centre for assistance. It should be noted that if it has not been possible to fill all the positions in the leisure center when the activities begin in the autumn, it is possible that there may be some delay in the child being able to start staying in the after-school center.


The application is valid for one school year at a time (August-June). If a service is terminated or a change is requested it must be done before the 15th of each month and the termination will take effect next month.

Winter holidays for schools and special days

The after-school centres are closed on red calendar days and during the winter holiday of primary schools Also, the after-school centres have two joint staff planning days annually. They are open all day on schools' joint staff planning days and weekdays during Easter and Christmas holiday. Special applications for stays during these days are necessary, through the Vala after-school system. The Head of Department will send further details ahead of time to parents regarding applications for these days.