Preschool is the first school stage and the start of children's schooling.


Enrolment rules are in place for preschools in Hafnarfjörður that aim towards children getting preschool placement from 15 months old (depends on the month of birth). Children that meet the criteria for priority (priority group) have the possibility of getting placement sooner.

List of preschools in Hafnarfjörður (Icelandic)

Start of preschool stay

At the start of attending preschool the principal will provide all information on the work emphasis and aims in the preschool. The parent/guardian will have an opportunity to get to know the school and its operating practices and signs a contract with the preschool for the stay.


Preschool fee

Preschool fees are collected according to a rate list.

Available discounts.

  • Sibling discount. The sibling discount is granted because of siblings being concurrently at the preschool, after-school center, or at daycare. The second child gets a 75% discount. The third child gets a 100% discount. The fourth child gets a 100% discount. The sibling discount is only given for the general school fee.
  • Income-linked discount. Parents can apply for an income-linked additional discount which is 50% on one hand and 75% on the other. Discount is only given of the general school fee.

You can apply for an additional discount on My Pages. It is not possible to get both the sibling discount and the additional discount.

See preschool rate list