Preschool registration

All parents/guardians, independent of residency are entitled to apply for preschool stay in Hafnarfjörður's preschools through My Pages, but children must have legal domicile in Hafnarfjörður when the preschool stay starts. 

When can they start

Children can start attending preschool as young as 15 months old at the time of main enrolment, but that depends on the child's month of birth. The exception from this rule are children meeting the criteria for priority. The child having legal domicile in Hafnarfjörður is a prerequisite for the child starting preschool in Hafnarfjörður.

Application process

You can apply for a preschool stay for a child as soon as its ID number has been registered at the national registry (however, that does not facilitate entry). Here below you can apply for preschool and you will be taken to My Pages and you will need an electronic ID.

You can apply for more than one preschool. Parents and guardians are encouraged to look at the available preschools, contact the relevant principal, visit and familiarise themselves with the work. It is possible to buy a daily staying time at preschool, from four to eight and a half hours, but always at the same time, all weekdays and during preschool opening hours.


Preschool allocation

Hafnarfjörður township reserves the right to enroll children in preschool by age. The main allocation of preschool stays is performed during spring each year for preschool places that become available when the oldest age group starts primary school. Enrolment is also performed in February, by availability. Other allocations are also evenly performed throughout the school year, as preschool places become available due to moving or other reasons.

Confirmation process

When a child has been allocated a preschool place, the parent/guardian receives an e-mail where he/she is asked to confirm with the principal the invitation to a preschool place. If a parent/guardian has not confirmed with the principal the preschool stay invitation by e-mail or phone within 10 weekdays from the publication of the notification, the preschool will be considered rejected. Enrolment is fully in the hands of the principal, as the conditions at each preschool dictate when preschooling can start. When an offer of preschool stay is confirmed, the principal informs the parent/guardian about the process of enrolment in the preschool.

Preschool priority

Hafnarfjörður township reserves the right to prioritize children for preschool, when situations of children and parents must be taken into account or the conditions at the municipality's preschools (law on preschools no. 90/2008, Chapter IX Article 26). For a child to meet the criteria for priority, a certificate from recognized analysts need to be submitted:

  • For children with disabilities (a certificate from a recognized analyst should be enclosed with the application).
  • For children with developmental abnormalities (a certificate from a recognized analyst should be enclosed with the application).
  • For children living with difficulties in their social environment - child protection issue (a certificate from social authorities should be enclosed with the application).
  • For serious illnesses or disabilities within the child's family (a certificate from a doctor or another public entity should be enclosed with the application).

Other priorities

  • Children of parents under the age of legal majority (18 years).
  • Triplets.
  • Children of employees in Hafnarfjörður's preschools.