Health clinics in Hafnarfjörður

Healthcare centres in Hafnarfjörður

People have the right to go to any clinic , but it is advisable to turn to a clinic closest to the person's home. 

Healthcare centres are first and foremost considered community service providers for residents who live in that municipality or neighbourhood. Healthcare centres provide all general health care services and treatment for minor injuries and ailments. These centres should be the first stop for treatment unless you need emergency health services. 

There are two health centres in Hafnarfjörður.

Heilsugæslan Fjörður


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Heilsugæslan Sólvangi


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In addition to general medical services, the clinics provide maternity care, infant and child health care, school health care and home nursing.

Children under the age of eighteen are not charged appointment fees at health care clinics or fees for house calls from doctors.  However, children who do not have health insurance must pay the full fee.

Logo-laufThe healthcare centres offer late-afternoon standby services for a few hours after the general service period ends. 

For further information about the services of the health centres in Hafnarfjörður and the greater capitol area you can find it on their website by clicking the link below.

Health care centres info  

The Multicultural Centre also has healthcare information and you can also find information about pharmacies by clicking the link below. The information is available in many languages.

Multicultural Centre - Healthcare information

Medical emergency clinic - outside working hours


Læknavaktin in Reykjavík at Austurver, Háaleitisbraut 68,  operates outside working hours on working days, weekends, and all public holidays. Phone-service is available 24 hours a day all year. Tel: 1700 and 1770. You can find further information on or on the website of Læknavaktin . The website of Læknavaktin is not in English.

Covid - 19 - Information

For all information about Covid-19 visit the official Icelandic website from the link below. The website is available in many languages.