Starting upper secondary school


Secondary school

Secondary schools belong to the third level of schooling, where education is not compulsory. Everyone who have completed primary school, received an equivalent basic education or reached the age of 16 can begin his/her studies in a secondary school.

The upper secondary schools are operated by the government. Everyone needs to look at different schools to see what suits them. The organisation of classes and curriculum at the secondary-school level aims at meeting different needs by offering a variety of courses. 

It is of great importance that future secondary-school students and their guardians are well informed about the various courses offered by schools. Student counsellors and other staff at primary and secondary schools are also able to provide information.

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Students who are completing the tenth year at primary school, along with their guardians, will receive a letter from the Ministry of Education in the spring containing information concerning registration in a secondary-school day-school program.


Upper secondary schools in Hafnarfjörður

Two upper secondary schools are located in Hafnarfjörður and many others in the neighboring towns and Reykjavík.

Flensborg   Tækniskólinn