Starting primary school


Enrolment in Primary School

Compulsory school in Iceland is 10 years and all children 6-16 years of age have a guaranteed admission in primary school in Iceland.

Enrolment is open until February 1st every year, for schooling the following fall. Enrolment after that will decrease the number of available schools. Enrolling children in primary school in the municipality of legal domicile is the responsibility of parents/guardians. The primary schools in Hafnarfjörður are open to all children and parents are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the operations of primary schools in Hafnarfjörður.

Here you can read more about enrollment in primary schools

Primary Schools in Hafnarfjörður

Ten primary schools are operated in the town, eight by the municipality but also there are Primary school of the Hjalla Policy and – progressive education with independent primary schools. Further information on the operation of individual schools can be found on the school website of respective schools.