Town map / architect drawings


Granni map browser

In the Granni town map browser you can find all drawings with the Building Representative, as they are scanned and filed as soon as they have been approved. In that way, both special and main drawings are accessible electronically in the town map browser.

Also, you can find information on services, such as sports societies, swimming pools, neighbourhood containers and playgrounds. Here you can also find statistical information on accidents, transportation, as well as information on relics and protected areas.

With Granni town map browser you can find various data, such as drawings for houses and land in town, land-use plans, neighbourhood limits, school districts, relics and protected areas. Also, you can find information on certain basic services in the town, such as locations of schools, institutions, playgrounds, swimming pools and neighbourhood containers. Furthermore, you can see planning of water supply, heat supply and sewage systems, along with utilities routes.

If you cannot find drawings on the web, you can contact the Hafnarfjörður service centre by phone, 585-5500, Strandgata 6, for further information.