Community services


Opening hours

Mon-Thu from 07:30-16:50
Fridays from 07:30-15:20

Address: Norðurhella 2
Telephone number: 585-5670
Emergency number after closing of switchboard 664-5678
E-mail address:

Suggestions can be sent through the suggestion portal.

The Hafnarfjörður Community Services handles various tasks regarding services to the town residents and institutions. Its employees take care of various maintenance and operational tasks, as well as working on various smaller new constructions on public land. The tasks are many and seasonal. They are among others maintenance, repairs and supervision of various things belonging to the road network, walking paths, open areas, public playgrounds and the town's upper reaches.


A few examples of project components:

  • Snow clearing and ice prevention
  • Christmas decorations
  • Bus shelters and public benches
  • Lamppost replacements
  • General cleaning
  • Maintenance and tending of garden beds
  • Mowing
  • Turfing
  • Vegetation tending
  • Paving
  • Various finishing projects for utilities
  • Maintenance and new construction of woodwork
  • Maintenance and supervision of the town's technical equipment
  • Various transportations and services to town institutions
  • Various services, advice and consultancy to the town's residents