Nature attractions

Just beyond the quiet buzz of Hafnarfjörður's charming streets lie dozens of spectacular nature areas. Within the environs of Hafnarfjörður, walkers, hikers, and nature enthusiasts can explore the coastline, volcanoes, lava fields, and more.


Hellisgerdir-11_1625061977907Hellisgerði is an enchanting and enchanted garden tucked away on a quiet street near the town centre. With intriguing lava formations blanketed in moss, it's easy to imagine where the elves make their homes. The first plantings were in 1924 and since then, several unusual tree types have also been planted in the garden. The garden is named for small caves seen in the torturous lava in the central part of the garden.


Víðistaðatún sculpture park is one of Hafnarfjörður‘s green recreational areas which features a collection of outdoor sculptures by local and international artists. The park also has a six-hole disc golf course, football field, tennis courts, children's playground and barbeque facilities.


Hamarinn cliff is just a few minutes' walk from the town center. Hamarinn is a protected nature site and a sightseeing point offering expansive views of the town and the surrounding natural area. Here you can take your perfect photo of Hafnarfjörður to take back home with you.

The Old Lighthouse

HFJ_060820-32_1625062263685Built around 1900 and in full service until 1979, this landmark is known for its distinctive red and white stripes and is the town's simble. When it was built, it stood alone on a hill over the town. When the town's settlement expanded, houses and streets where built around the lighthouse and now it is located on Vitastígur (e. Lighthouse street) where you can find this historical landmark. 

Ásfjall og Ástjörn

Astjorn-1_IHR_FINAL_1625062192145Mt. Ásfjall offers wonderful views over the town and surrounding fjord. East of Ásfjall is Ástjörn, a small lake and bird reserve that is home to over 44 bird species. This is a delightful outdoor area, perfect for picnics and walks.


A picturesque lake surrounded by forest and greenery. There are lots of trails to explore and handy barbecue facilities around Hvaleyrarvatn. The perfect spot for a picnic in a good company.

Mount Helgafell

Formed in the late Ice Age when a volcano erupted under a glacier, today Helgafell Mountain anchors Hafnarfjörður. Rising low in the distance beyond the town, this dense sandstone and lava mound is often referred to as the town's mountain.

Leiðarendi lava cave

Leiðarendi is a lava tube located in a lava field close to Bláfjöll, the Blue Mountains. These beautiful and natural wonders are created by flowing lava under the earth after a volcanic eruption. Journeys in its depths reveal a wealth of knowledge about Icelandic history, geology and folklore.

Krýsuvík Geothermal Area

IMG_0453Not too far from the centre of Hafnarfjörður rest the remarkable solfatara fields of Krýsuvík  where you'll discover an expanse of steaming volcanic vents and boiling hot springs, framed dramatically by a range of multi-coloured hills.

Kleifarvatn lake

IMG_4553Steps from the dramatic geothermal area at Krýsuvík Seltún lies the sweeping blue expanse of Kleifarvatn Lake. Nestled below a steep mountain, the seemingly deserted space is an attractive spot for a quiet walk.