Rósa Guðbjartsdóttir


The Mayor of Hafnarfjörður is Rósa Guðbjartsdóttir, the council chairman of the Independence Party.

Rósa has a degree in political science from the University of Iceland and worked for years in journalism, mainly as a reporter at Stöð 2 and Bylgjan. Rósa has also been an active writer and editor at Bókafélagið.

Rósa joined the town council of Hafnarfjörður in the year 2006. She was an alternate congress member for the Independence Party from 2007–2009 and was in the Icelandic Parliament (Alþingi) for a few months. Rósa has been active within the sports movement and is on the expert panel of the Icelandic Children's Welfare Fund.

She was the managing director of the Icelandic Childhood Cancer Parent Organisation 2001–2006 and has been the Chairman of the Board of the organisation for the last ten years.

Rósa was raised in North-Hafnarfjörður and completed university at Flensborgarskóli. She is married to Jónas Sigurgeirsson and they have four children.

Consultation times

The Mayor has consultation times on Tuesday mornings
Appointments must be booked ahead of time, booking should be made with the Office Manager Auður Þorkelsdóttir, tel.: 585 5506.