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Work School for 14-17 years. Open for applications

2. May 2022

In the summer of 2022, 14-17 years of age (born in the years 2005 - 2008) will get a job at Hafnarfjörður Work School. The Hafnarfjörður Work School offers fun and informative jobs for teenagers in the town. The role of the Work School is to provide employees with constructive summer jobs, along with education in a safe work environment. The focus is on providing employees with a fun and pleasant insight into work activities, along with preparing employees for what is to come in the general labour market. The Work School emphasises the work environment being encouraging and rewarding, as well as its employees, residents and guests of Hafnarfjörður being shown politeness and respect.

Main tasks

  • Cleaning of streets and neighbourhoods
  • Planting of summer flowers
  • Cleaning of flowerbeds
  • Mowing and raking
  • Turfing

Further information on working hours, salaries and about Work School can be found here

The offices of the Hafnarfjörður Work School are located at the youth house, Hamarinn, at Suðurgata 14, with opening hours on all weekdays from 08:00–16:00. You can also reach employees of the office by phone in 565-1899 and at the e-mail address

Apply for a job at the Work School