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Welcome to the Christmas adventure land in Hellisgerði

11. Dec 2020

A true Christmas adventure land has been created in Hellisgerði, a beautiful park in the center of Hafnarfjörður that is almost 100-year-old.  At the entrance to Hellisgerði from Reykjavíkurvegur, a big red Christmas heart has now been installed and an adventure world of beautiful lights to lift the spirit and please the eyes. Jóhanna Guðrún and Davíð Sigurgeirsson,  musicians from Hafnarfjörður, "opened" the Christmas adventure land with a beautiful Christmas song at earlier this week, and the visitors of the park got to enjoy it. 

JohannaG_Hellisgerdi-22The couple Jóhanna Guðrún and Davíð Sigurgeirsson entertained guests with a song  at the beginning of the week. 

Attractive park for outdoor activities and local socializing 

On this unusual Advent there are no organized events or programs at the Christmas market / Jólaþorpið but it was decided to spread the Christmas spirit, Christmas lights and Christmas cheer of the Christmas market in Hafnarfjörður to Hellisgerði. Thus, the town authorities and staff wanted to find a way to create a different and unique experience and an attractive platform for outdoor activities and a place to spend time with the immediate family.  Design and concept work began in November and the group got the artist and resident of Hafnarfjörður, Anthony Bacigalupo, who was born and raised in California, to join them and the group and other professionals have been working on the installation for the last few days and weeks. 


JohannaG_Hellisgerdi-1A true Christmas adventure land has been created in Hellisgerði. Numerous employees of the municipality have been involved in the design and installation with the help of consultants and other professionals. A collaboration that is  reflected in great results. 

JolahjartaHellisgerdi2020Here you can see the mayor of Hafnarfjörður, Rósa Guðbjartsdóttir, with the music couple Jóhanna and Davíð and Anthony Bacigalupo who came to the project as a consultant.

Ideal park for a picnic with cocoa and cookies

It is safe to say that the project is attracting well-deserved attention and traffic to the park has been good so far in December, not least in recent days. Lots of people take a  walk trough the park after or before a visit to Christmas market. Families have been seen having a picnic with cocoa and cookies, children exploring and skating on the pond. Some have been on an adventure trip searching elves, as the story goes that they live there. Álfabúðin/ The Elf Shop in Hellisgerði is open over the weekends before Christmas from 12-17, there you can buy beautiful handicrafts, designs and enjoy elf cocoa and gingerbread. This beautiful garden contains many stories and memories for the people of Hafnarfjörður and friends of Hafnarfjörður and will without a doubt create new and good memories this Advent. 


AlfabudinHellisgerdiÁlfabúin in Hellisgerði is open weekends on Advent from 12-17. Mask duty is in the shop. 

This is our garden - common property 

Hellisgerði is a park and common property of Hafnarfjörður' s residents and we hope that everyone will take an active part in protecting and caring for this beautiful park that is open to everyone this Christmas and the lights, Securitas will also assist with surveillance. Guests are asked to follow all preventive measures against the COVID-19 pandemic in the park (as well as at the Christmas market) and use masks if it is not possible to maintain the social distance of 2 meters.