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Let's improve safety together - call for suggestions from residents

11. Mar 2021

Hafnarfjörður calls for suggestions and opinions from residents about everything that can be done better in the local area in order to increase and improve the safety of residents and others. Residents of Hafnarfjörður and the staff of companies in the town know their local area well and are best suited to notice what can be done better to prevent accidents, small or large.

Hafnarfjörður is currently working on an assessment in certain neighborhoods with the safety of residents in mind and welcomes good suggestions through the municipality's suggestion portal.

We encourage you - dear resident - to contribute and point out what can be done better. It is important that all suggestions go through a formal process within the municipality and is done by sending them in via the suggestions portal. It is not enough to tag Hafnarfjörður municipality in a post on social media.

Send a suggestion via the portal 


Take part and make a difference!

Do you have a suggestion to make, a story to tell of the service or want to share an idea?

At Hafnarfjörður, equality and democracy are important, with the aim of giving all individuals equal opportunities and possibilities for influence. We encourage you to take an active part and contribute to the development of the municipality's services, on our society, environment and resources.

  • Do you have a story to tell? We want to hear all your stories – good or bad. By gathering these experiences, we can identity the strengths and weaknesses of the services we provide in order to respond and improve.
  • Do you have a suggestion to make? We welcome all suggestions! Is there some environmental aspect or service that we need to fix? Are there any other suggestions you would like to make to Hafnarfjörður staff? If so, please send us your suggestions.
  • Do you have a good idea that you would like to present to a wider audience? If so, then Better Hafnarfjörður is for you. Better Hafnarfjörður is consultation forum where residents are given the opportunity to share their ideas –  large or small.