• Víðistaðaskóli fékk grænfánan afhentan í fimmta sinn

Víðistaðaskóli celebrates its 50th anniversary!

16. Sep 2020

Víðistaðaskóli is today celebrating the school's 50th anniversary, but the school was founded on 16 September 1970, which was the first school day for students. Víðistaðaskóli was then the third primary school in Hafnarfjörður and the first parent association at a primary school in Hafnarfjörður was established at the school. Under normal circumstances, the birthday party would have been open to parents, friends and benefactors of the school, but in light of the restrictions and recommendations of the authorities regarding Covid19, students and staff will celebrate the big birthday.

Responsibility, respect and friendship are the school's guiding principles

Víðistaðaskóli is a comprehensive primary school with students in 1st - 10th grade. Víðistaðaskóli has placed special emphasis on promoting the health and well-being of staff and students under the banner of health-promoting schools as well as working for a stronger environmental protection and education, and as a sign, Víðistaðaskóli receives the Green Flag for the fifth time on its 50th anniversary. Arts and crafts have always been promoted at the school, with an emphasis on student democracy and diversity.

Congratulations on the half-century anniversary of Víðistaðaskóli dear inhabitants, staff and students in the past, present and future!