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Veitur activates Response Plan

4. Dec 2020

-please use the hot water sparingly

See here an announcement from Veitur on their webpage

In light of the weather forecast for the next few days, predicting one of the most extreme cold spells the south-west corner of Iceland has experienced since 2013, Veitur has activated a Response Plan in the operation of the district heating. One of the items on the plan is to encourage people to use hot water sparingly, so we all have enough to keep our houses warm.

According to the forecast model, that uses weather forecast to estimate water usage, it looks as if the district heating in the capital area might reach its maximum capacity on Friday and over the course of the weekend.

Around 90% of the hot water distributed is used for the heating of houses, and therefore it is very important that people are aware of how to make the most of it.

People are encouraged to do the following:

  • Keep the windows closed
  • Not to keep the front door open for longer than necessary
  • Don‘t use the jacuzzi
  • Set the radiators so that they are hot on top but cold at the bottom
  • Beware of covering or blocking the radiators, e.g. with long curtains or furniture.

More good advice on how to make the most of hot water. 

Photo: Frostnálar á hitaveitustokki. Ljósmyndari: Pálmi Símonarson.