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Vegetable gardens open for all residents

6. Apr 2021

A great opportunity to grow vegetables for all interested - individuals and families

Hafnarfjörður's family gardens are open to all residents and it is a great opportunity for families and individuals in Hafnarfjörður to grow their own vegetables, take care of it and harvest vegetables this summer. The vegetable gardens will be open at Víðistaðir and at Öldugata. The cost for one garden is ISK 1,5411.- and for two gardens ISK. 2,568.- Seedlings, seeds or other materials for cultivation are not included, but access to water and some small tools will be available. The gardens will be ploughed and will be allocated at the end of May.

Registration began on April 5 and takes place here - you must choose the municipality and location of the family park you want (Öldutún /  Víðistaðir)

Let's grow our own vegetables this summer!
Gardening offers opportunities for physical activity and, in the case of community gardens, socialization. In addition to providing nutritious veggies for your dinner table, gardening offers a variety of health benefits.

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