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Information about vaccination against Covid19

18. Feb 2021

Detailed information on vaccinations and statistics for vaccinations against Covid19 can be found on Information on changes as new information is received about the efficacy and delivery of vaccines and the implementation of vaccinations.

The Chief Epidemiologist is responsible for the organization and co-ordination of vaccination against COVID-19. More information and FAQ about vaccination against COVID-19, can be found here.

Information about Covid-19 in Iceland in many languages

Vaccination against COVID-19 has begun in Iceland

The vaccines that will be used in Iceland against the new coronary virus (Covid19) are safe and provide the best possible protection against the disease. The speed of vaccination depends on the amount of vaccine entering the country at any given time. It is expected that by the end of March 2021, everyone over the age of 70 will be vaccinated, with around 40,000 people in that group. The effectiveness of all vaccines is based on the fact that they activate the immune system so that it can later protect the body against a certain disease by knowing the pathogens that cause it. 

Objectives of vaccination

The aim of the Covid-19 vaccine is to protect people from the disease and to develop herd immunity that prevents the spread of the epidemic. The proportion of people who need to be vaccinated to develop herd immunity depends on how contagious the virus is. New virus strains that have emerged recently are considered more contagious than previous strains but are not predominant in the epidemic. Therefore, there is some uncertainty in the calculation of the proportion that needs to be vaccinated to achieve herd immunity, but it is probably in the range of 60-80%.

Vaccination is and will be free of charge and no one will be required to be vaccinated.
The Minister of Health has confirmed a regulation on the ranking of the groups that are the first to be vaccinated against Covid-19. The distribution of vaccines and the organization of vaccinations are under the control of the epidemiologist, but the implementation is in the hands of the health care system and health institutions.

Here you can access easy read in Icelandic about vaccination against Covid-19