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Vaccination of school staff in Hafnarfjörður has begun

5. May 2021

Vaccinations may cause temporary disruption to school work 

Vaccinations against COVID-19 of employees in preschools, primary schools and music schools in Hafnarfjörður have begun and vaccinations for these groups will take place in the coming days and weeks. Extensive and ambitious work has been done to organize vaccinations. Employees will receive a message through "Heilsuvera" stating the location and time they are to come for their vaccination which can be during school hours. Their attendance is important so that the implementation can be successful. Therefore due to the large number of staff leaving schools to carry out this important task, there may be some disruption to school work. With good co-operation and solidarity from everyone, the important milestone of vaccinating our staff who work closely with children is reached.

Thanks in advance for your understanding!