University Gateway in English at Bifröst University

9. Dec 2020

Bifröst University will offer preparatory studies taught in English in the spring semester of 2021. This preparatory studies programme is the English-language version of the programme offered in Icelandic. Instead of regular courses in Icelandic for native speakers, students will complete specially designed courses in Icelandic as a second language. Students can also chose to improve their English and/or Icelandic skills instead of completing language credits in Danish.

Tailored to the employment initiative Education is Opportunity (Nám er tækifæri)In-person (learning on campus) and distance learning are both available.

Students can complete the study programme in just over six months, split between two semesters. Teaching starts in January and ends at the beginning of August. The study programme's structure is tailored to the special initiative Education is Opportunity, the objective of which is to support job seekers through targeted actions and to encourage them to strengthen their position in the job market by gaining formal education. The full details of the initiative can be found on the official website of the Government of Iceland (currently in Icelandic only):

The University Gateway prepares students for university-level studies in the social sciences and humanities and also provides preparatory education at the upper secondary (high school) level, which enhances individuals' competitiveness on the job market. The main emphasis of the University Gateway is on strengthening students' proficiency in core upper secondary subjects: Icelandic, English, and mathematics.

Registration fee

The registration fee for studies at Bifröst University's University Gateway is 115,000 ISK/semester. Unions' vocational training funds offer grants towards the cost of studies. The grant amount and eligibility requirements vary between unions. See unions' websites for more detailed information.

Admission requirements

Entrance requirements for the University Gateway programme in English are the same as for the University Gateway programme in Icelandic. To be eligible for admission to the programme in Icelandic, applicants must be at least 23 years old. As a rule, applicants should either have completed 118–140 credit units (fein) at an upper secondary school level under the current credit system (around 70–90 credits under the older credit system) or be able to demonstrate equivalent knowledge, ability, and competence.

Students starting the University Gateway programme in English should have previously completed some formal studies at the upper secondary (high school) level in their home country and/or Icelandic schools. An applicant who does not meet these admission requirements but has extensive work experience can instead submit a skills assessment, in which their experience is evaluated as equivalent to education. If an applicant presents a valid skills assessment, the University will take this into account when processing the application.

A recognised study programme

Graduates of the University Gateway preparatory studies programme and its predecessor at Bifröst University, the Department of Preparatory Studies, have been accepted into programmes at all universities in Iceland, as well as into colleges and universities abroad. University Gateway studies conform with Iceland's national upper secondary school curriculum guide and have been approved by Iceland's Ministry of Education, Science, and Culture. University entrance requirements vary depending on the field of study, but all Icelandic universities take advantage of permission granted by the Ministry of Education, Science, and Culture to provide exemptions from formal entrance requirements. Applicants are encouraged to look into universities' entrance requirements.

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