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Tónagull – Music Workshops in Polish This Winter

6. Oct 2021

In collaboration with Tónagull, Hafnarborg will offer weekly music workshops for Polish speaking children and parents this winter, starting Sunday September 19th.

Tónagull is a research-based music workshop method founded by Helga Rut Guðmundsdóttir, professor in music education, in 2004. The workshops are designed to fit the needs of infants, 0-3 years old, and their parents. The workshops have a playful formula, with the aim of engaging musically both the toddlers and the adult participants, through songs and rhymes in the participants' native language.

3D97EC74-A73F-4459-AD6E-74586F84DCA7_1_201_aThe first Polish language version of the workshop was then launched in 2019. Making use of the same methodic framework of the original Icelandic workshops and some of the original songs with translated lyrics, these workshops also incorporate traditional Polish children's songs, popular folk melodies and nursery rhymes. The workshops immediately gained high popularity among members of the Polish community in Iceland.

Tónagull is supported by Hafnarborg and the town of Hafnarfjörður, having been a part of the museum's programme since spring 2019, albeit intermittently due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The music workshops take place on Sundays at 12 p.m. and the registration form is available here in Polish.