The town artist for the year 2022

3. Jan 2022

On the last day of winter ,Wednesday 20 April, The municipality of Hafnarfjörður will, nominate the town artist for the year 2022.

Applications or suggestions with written justification are requested, which the Culture and Tourism Committee will take into account when choosing a town artist.

Friðrik Dór Jónsson was the town artist of Hafnarfjörður in 2021.

Vidburdir-cirkus-2Only artists with permanent residence in Hafnarfjörður are eligible for distribution and must have been domiciled in Hafnarfjörður for the last 12 months. Applications and suggestions must be submitted on an electronic form on the website of Hafnarfjörður or at Hafnarfjörður Town Hall marked:

Hafnarfjörður Service Center - Town Artist
Strandgata 6
220 Hafnarfjörður

The town artist of Hafnarfjörður in 2022 will be paid ISK 1,500,000.
The deadline for nominations is February 1, 2022.

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