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The role and complex purpose of the work school

12. Jul 2022

It's not just about the projects but also social connections and activities.

Hafnarfjörður work school offers young people in Hafnarfjörður who are 14-17 years old a fun and educational summer job. The work school is usually the first workplace for young people where they learn what it is like to be part of the labor market in a safe work environment. The work school is not only about the projects and the work itself, but it is also intended to strengthen the young people socially, help them maintain a routine during the summer and reduce the chances of isolation by being with peers. The working days are spiced up with entertainment, education, a competition for the best cleaned areas and a summer festival.

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1029 young people working in a work school in the summer of 2022

1029 young people attended Hafnarfjörður work school on Monday 13 June and the groups are generally at work until 28 July. Young people are allocated time according to age, from 81 hours during the summer to 220 hours. Daily working hours also depend on age. Those who are 14-16 years old work three hours a day four days a week and then alternate before and afternoon or from 9-12 and 13-16. Working hours for 17-year-olds are 6 hours a day every working day. One group works every working morning from 7-13.

The main and visible tasks of the work school

The main tasks of young people in work school are street and neighborhood cleaning, playground and school grounds cleaning as well as other projects. The work school operates under the policy of inclusive schools where an attempt is made to meet the different needs and interests of students. Some young people are assigned special projects, for example to help with summer leisure activities and institutions within the town. Through their work, the employees of Work school improve the environment as they practice working methods that pay off in the future.


Often their first encounter with employment

In most cases, this is the young people's first acquaintance with employment. Like others, work school staff are entitled to both lunch and coffee breaks, which are usually taken on site. It is therefore not uncommon to see seated youths eating and resting. When planning it organizers try to have diversity in the young people's projects, but that increases satisfaction at work. The groups are divided to various projects within the town, but the goal is to have the groups not far from their homes. The foreman is always with his group and his role is, among other things, to teach the young people the right work methods, encourage them and strengthen them and be there if the young people need him. All foremen in Hafnarfjörður work school are older than 18 years an go through training that aims to strengthen them in leading and being there for a group of young people.

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