The museums reopen November 18

18. Nov 2020

The museums in Hafnarfjörður will reopen from Wednesday 18 November, when cautious relaxations of the current restrictions on gatherings take effect.  It is obligatory to wear a mask when visiting the museums, the two meter social distance rule applies and the maximum number of visitors is 10 people.

Hafnarfjörður Library

Hafnarfjörður Library will be open from 13-17 working days and from 11-15 Saturdays. 2nd floor will be closed. The library continues to offer ordering services.

Hafnarfjörður Museum

The museum's opening hours are from 11-17 every Saturday and Sunday. In the entrance hall of Pakkhús there is an exhibition about small boat fishing in Hafnarfjörður. Christmas has arrived in Beggubúð and Sívertsen. Part of the toy exhibition on the third floor will remain closed due to common contact surfaces.  Admission to the museum is free.


The museum's opening hours are from 12 - 17 every day (except Tuesdays it is closed). In Sverrissalur in Hafnarborg there is an exhibition of works by local goldsmith and artist Gunnar Hjaltason (1920-1999) "What Meets the Eye", with special focus on his prints. Gunnar worked in Hafnarfjörður as a goldsmith for years and many of his prints belong to the Hafnarborg Collection. Admission is free.

Hafnarborg's museum shop is located on the ground floor of the museum. There you can find beautiful and interesting books, posters, maps and more.

Further information about the museums and their activities can be found on their websites.