• HjartaOkt2020

The heart of Hafnarfjörður and Hafnarborg in pink light

1. Oct 2020

Pink October has begun. Over the years, Hafnarfjörður has shown support for the campaign, illuminating pink light on beautiful houses, public artwork or walls. This year, the heart of Hafnarfjörður at the end of Strandgata and Hafnarborg will be illuminated with a pink light.

The Pink Ribbon - an initiative of the Icelandic Cancer Society.

Breast cancer is the most common cancer in Icelandic women. In last 50 years, women's life expectancy has doubled and mortality has dropped by 35%. Cancer research is the reason for this progress and it is therefore important to do even better and promote progress in the field. All proceeds from the Pink Ribbon 2020 will go to cancer research, and the pink ribbon is an international symbol of breast cancer.

16 October is the go pink day! 

Pink Day will be held on Friday 16 October and all the staff of Hafnarfjörður will be encouraged to wear pink that day, preferably from head to toe. Residents of Hafnarfjörður, of all ages, are also encouraged to wear the pink ribbon, wear pink and light up the day in a pink glow that day so that all women who have been diagnosed with cancer find the support of the community and solidarity.

Further information about the campaign can be found on the Pink Ribbon's website.