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The first shared car has arrived in Hafnarfjörður

11. Oct 2021

The shared car is located in the center of Hafnarfjörður

The first Zipcar, a shared car, has arrived in Hafnarfjörður and has already become accessible to interested residents and employees of companies in Hafnarfjörður. The shared car is parked in a marked parking lot on the corner of Fjarðargata and Linnetsstígur in the town center. Residents book the car, pick it up and return it to the same place in the same parking space. The shared car is a great addition to the diverse transport options available to the residents of Hafnarfjörður.


Six-month pilot project - depends on the interest and number of active users

The municipalities of Hafnarfjarðarbær, Akureyrarbær and Garðabær are participants in a pilot project on shared cars led by EFLA in collaboration with Zipcar shared car rental with a grant from a research fund. The municipalities' contribution is first and foremost in the allocation and specially marked parking for the shared car and assisting as much as possible in the implementation of the service. The purpose of the project is to implement and strengthen the growth of shared cars in the three municipalities. EFLA will, during the pilot project, conduct research on travel habits and attitudes as well as review relevant data. The trial period is 6 months and after that time the continuation of the project depends on the interest and number of users. Thus, residents and employees of companies in Hafnarfjörður can directly influence the growth of shared cars in Hafnarfjörður.


Drive less and smarter

The ideology of shared cars is well known in many parts of the world and research has shown that they can play a major role in the journey of residents to a lifestyle without a private car and thus contribute to changing travel habits. In Iceland, this service has only been available in central Reykjavík and Kópavogur, but will now be available at least for 6 months in Hafnarfjörður, Garðabær and Akureyri. One shared car will be accessible to residents and employees of companies in Hafnarfjörður for at least these six months. It is hoped that after these six months, the shared car will be sustainable in operation and that this will create an operating basis for shared car service in Hafnarfjörður.

All further information on the Zipcar website - - SHARE ENJOY ENJOY