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Students at Víðistaðaskóli - "Menntakerfið okkar"

24. Mar 2021

The association "Menntakerfið okkar" (Our Education System) was founded by students in the 10th grade of Víðistaðaskóli in November 2020. The group behind the association wants to point out and take an active part in a conversation about how the Icelandic education system can be updated and improved in line with new times, needs and challenges. 

Students base their ideas on their own primary school experience, the experience of friends and acquaintances, and call for more in-depth instruction that covers useful aspects such as job search, world problems and health sciences. The group recently met at Hafnarfjörður Town Hall and gave a presentation to the mayor, the director of education and the chairman of the education council. Students are a part of a working group that is currently working on a new education policy for Hafnarfjarðarbær. 

IMG_6377The group presented their ideas to the mayor, the director of education and the chairman of the education council in Hafnarfjörður City Hall. 

Education and conversation that addresses the challenges of today

The association recently launched a website that outlines the ideas the group has already put forward. The ideas specifically address issues related to contemporary challenges and aim to strengthen students' ability to cope with daily life and strengthen their participation in the challenges in a larger context. The group places special emphasis on world problems which include e.g. to climate change, violence, human trafficking and homelessness. The group wants more education about illnesses, disabilities and mental health problems and is confident that such education would reduce prejudice and bullying. The group also calls for increased first aid education and information on where to seek help or counselling for them selves or their friends. In their opinion, the school is a great platform for diverse and important education about daily life and the challenges of today, and it is especially emphasized that the education at Víðistaðaskóli is diverse and very good, but it is always possible to do even better. They want to ensure more coherence in education and community teaching within all schools, despite the fact that schools in Hafnarfjörður provide e.g. great emphasis on prevention strategies, it is not the case everywhere. 

Our Education System's suggestions for change: 


  • SEX EDUCATION - that sex education is strengthened 
  • LGBT EDUCATION - LGBT education must be ensured in the curriculum of all compulsory schools (at the same time LGBT education in teacher education must be ensured)
  • COMPUTER TEACHING - computer teaching at the adolescent level should be increased and strengthened
  • SWIMMING LESSONS - it should be possible to take a evaluation test in swimming at the adolescent level, if the student achieves required results he / she can choose a different kind of physical activity instead of swimming lessons
  • MENTAL HEALTH EDUCATION - mental health education needs to be ensured 
  • HEALTH EDUCATION - health education needs to be ensured 
  • FINANCIAL LITERACY - increase and strengthen financial literacy 
  • VOCATIONAL TRAINING - improve and increase vocational training 
  • WORLD PROBLEMS - education about world problems in the world today needs to be ensured 
  • PREVENTION PROGRAM - increase and strengthen preventive education 

 "Menntakerfið okkar" webpage