• Vorsopun2021

Spring cleaning - streets, sidewalks and footpaths

10. Apr 2021

Cleaning of streets, sidewalks and footpaths in Hafnarfjörður has begun. The streets in the town center has been swept and will be swept especially well this weekend and immediately after the weekend, organized sweeping of the neighborhoods will begin.

Hafnarfjörður is divided into 14 districts and signs are set up the day before street cleaning with an announcement of the planned sweeping.


Let's take an active part and ensure good sweeping!

We ask residents to participate so that the results are as good as possible. It is necessary to park cars elsewhere on the day of street cleaning so that it is possible to sweep between the edges. At the same time, residents and employees of companies can take advantage of the opportunity and clean in their local area. 

Do you have a suggestion to make?
We welcome all suggestions! Is there some environmental aspect or service that we need to fix? Are there any other suggestions you would like to make to Hafnarfjarðarbær's staff? If so, please send us your suggestions trough the suggestion portal . You can also send an e-mail to: , or call tel. 585-5500 .