Precautions in sports halls due to Covid19

30. Sep 2020

 Precautions in the municipality's sports halls due to Covid19

The third wave in Covid19 began with a considerable outburst last week and continued cautious actions are aimed at ensuring that children's school and leisure activities, including sports activities, remain intact. 

Actions that will be taken in addition to other measures and restrictions in effect are as follows:

  • Access to children's  matches, sport competitions and exercises is prohibited
  • Parents and guardians can't stay onsite during children's exercises and leisure activities
  • Parents and guardians are kindly asked to follow instructions for entering the sports halls
  • Other activities not related to children in the sports halls are not allowed 

Meetings are held regularly with the managers of sports activities of municipalities in the capital area to coordinate procedures, share experiences and information between parties. Decisions on the next steps will be made with these parties.

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