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Seeds sent to all homes in Hafnarfjörður

30. Apr 2021

Home cultivation is a rewarding project for the whole family
Hafnarfjörður municipality sends a summer gift to all homes as a sign of growth and well-being. Hopefully the gift will encourage the residents of Hafnarfjörður to to take a moment, breathe calmly, live in the now, and think of the importance of personal cultivation, in all senses. The package contains five seeds of herbs for cultivation. 

The seed packet, which has been sent to all households that allow mass mail and will probably be distributed in selected places in Hafnarfjörður, contains mixed herbs that should start to sprout in 10-20 days.

Let's exercise, eat healthy and take care of our own health and growth!


Rósa Guðbjartsdóttir the Mayor of Hafnarfjörður with children  in Smáralundur, preschool 

Family gardens - Do you want to take it further and grow vegetables?

Hafnarfjörður's family gardens are open to all residents and it is a great opportunity for families and individuals in Hafnarfjörður to grow their own vegetables, take care of it and harvest vegetables this summer. The vegetable gardens will be open at Víðistaðir and at Öldugata. The cost for one garden is ISK 1,5411.- and for two gardens ISK. 2,568.- Seedlings, seeds or other materials for cultivation are not included, but access to water and some small tools will be available. The gardens will be ploughed and will be allocated at the end of May.

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Adventures in Hafnarfjörður

One of the main goals of the health town of Hafnarfjörður is to encourage the residents to take good care of their mental and physical well-being and health. Thus, the health town has regularly compiled health-promoting ideas and information about the possibilities that are hidden in the vicinity of Hafnarfjörður and in the outdoor recreation areas that can be found around the town.