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Second vaccination of schoolchildren in Laugardalshöll

31. Jan 2022

Information for children and adults about the vaccination of children against COVID-19 in multiple languages: :

Information from the health care enters in the capital area

The second vaccination of school children in the capital area will take place in Laugardalshöll from January 31 and February 4, 2022. At that point, 3 weeks have passed from the first dose.

  • 31. January - Barnaskóli Hjallastefnunnar and Engidalsskóli
  • 1. February - Setbergsskóli and Víðistaðaskóli
  • 2. February - Áslandsskóli and Öldutúnsskóli
  • 3. February - Lækjarskóli and Hraunvallaskóli
  • 4. February - Hvaleyrarskóli and Skarðshlíðarskóli

The child should come in at the same time and same weekday as the first time. The child will not need to be registered again at and the old bar code is still valid.

For more information: news item about the earlier vaccination . The consent granted then is still in effect.

Photo from the health care centers