School activities will remain unchanged until weekend

18. Nov 2020

School arrangements due to Covid-19 will remain unchanged until the weekend and after school shuttle service has not started driving. 

Amendments to the new regulations concerning the school activities in preschools and primary schools due to the pandemic have been announced. However, the situation is unclear as schools have not received confirmed information on what the changes entail.

Therefore, the decision has been made that school activities in Hafnarfjörður's primary schools will remain unchanged from what it is today until the weekend. However, it has been decided to introduce one change that has been specifically announced by the epidemiologist, i.e. to lift the mask obligation for students and staff in 5.-7. classes and make it optional. We would also like to point out that the driving of the after school shuttle service from leisure centers to sports training has NOT started, and parents who have children in grades 1-4 and want to send their children to sports training this week must bring their children to training themselves.

This applies until new changes to the epidemic prevention rules are introduced and the primary schools are given the opportunity to implement them.