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Registration of preschool children for summer leave 2022

4. Mar 2022

In the summer of 2022, Hafnarfjörður's preschools will be closed for two weeks, from 18 July to 2 August. First day after summer leave is 2 August. 

Children born in 2016, who will start primary school in the autumn of 2022, will finish preschool no later than 18 July 2022. All children must take a continuous summer leave from preschool for 4 weeks. Under the current arrangement, this means that parents can take leave for 2 weeks before the closure of the preschool, 2 weeks after the closure or 1 week on each side of the closure to achieve a total of 4 consecutive weeks of leave. Those parents who choose to take summer leave for 4 weeks at different time than this do not pay for those weeks nor for the 2 weeks that the preschool is closed. Thus, the fee for preschool stays is waived for up to six weeks.

The registration of summer leave is open from 1 March to 30 March 2022

The registration of summer leave is binding, and it is important that all parents submit their registration before 30 March. Registration for summer leave takes place at the relevant kindergarten. The activities of the kindergartens depend on the number of children at any given time and can therefore have a different format during the summer when most children are on leave. Summer employees will be advertised for through Hafnarfjörður's recruitment website.

When the registration of summer leave is completed, parents will receive further information about the organisation of preschool activities during the summer. The merging of units and groups of children can be expected in some part of the period.

It is important to respect the time limit for registering summer leave.