Registration for summer activities is now open

29. Apr 2021

Hafnarfjörður offers a varied program for children and young people during the summer. On the website you can view courses and summer activities organized by Hafnarfjarðarbær. Registration is open from April 28, 2021.

Registration takes place here

Following registration has been opened

  • Summer leisure activities for 7-9 years old at all primary schools 
  • SumarKletturinn for children aged 9–13 with special needs 
  • Leisure activities for 10-13 years old 
  • A fun and creative summer course in Hafnarborg for 6-12 years old 
  • Summer leisure for 6 year old children (pre-school graduation groups) 
  • Family gardens to grow vegetables for the whole family at Öldutún and Víðistaðir

Summer leisure activities for children aged 7-9

Summer courses are available in all after-school centres in Hafnarfjörður. Summer activities contain a varied programme of creative projects, fun, exercise, exciting trips, trips to swimming pools and shared events. The programmes can vary depending on which after-school centre is chosen. Courses are available in all the after-school centres from June 14 to July 2. During the period from July 5 – August 4 one after-school centre is open for children from all parts of Hafnarfjörður. Courses at all the after-school centres will be from August 4 and last until August 23.

Summer activities for children aged 6 (preschool graduates)

During the period between from August 4 to August 23 all the after-school centres in Hafnarfjörður will be offering varied and constructive summer activities for preschool graduates, i.e. children aged 6 born in 2014. The programmes are similar to conventional summer programmes with the emphasis on outdoor activities, exercise and healthy activities. In addition, special attention is paid to playing. The children get the opportunity to familiarise themselves with their after-school centre and the surroundings of their school with the aim of them to feel safe and their wellbeing at the beginning of their schooling.

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Registration is open from April 28. Registration takes place here