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Regarding the eruption in Reykjanes

25. Mar 2021

People who plan to travel to eruption sites are encouraged to obtain information about the latest weather forecast and be well prepared for outdoor activities for a long time, but most people stay longer at the eruption sites than they expect as there is a lot of spectacle. It is also recommended to bring extra charging for phones as batteries run out quickly.

The Icelandic Meteorological Office has set up a meteorological station at Geldingadalur to monitor the weather in real time. Work is also underway to strengthen real-time measurements of gas at the edge of lava fields. With these measures, it is estimated that it is acceptable to keep the area open and warnings will be sent out if air quality changes or the weather forecast is unfavourable. 

There is always a risk of gas pollution in the closest vicinity of the eruption sites and gas pollution from CO2 in dells and hollows can verge upon a life-threatening value. It is therefore advisable to stay up on hills and not go down into valleys or dells in the closest vicinity of the eruption sites and stay within the staked hiking trail in Geldingadalur.

In addition, attention is drawn to the fact that infections due to COVID-19 have increased and hikers are therefore encouraged to show extreme caution and take personal disease control measures. Civil defense is in our hands and we will continue to work together to reduce infections. Let´s avoid crowds. We can do this together, solidarity is the best preventive measure.

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