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Primary school work back on schedule

7. Jan 2021

It has been decided that school activities in primary schools in Hafnarfjörður will return to normal. Teaching according to a normal timetable will start in most schools on Thursday 7 of January or at the latest on Monday 11 of January, in some schools. This also applies to sports and swimming lessons. Each school notifies guardians with more details.

Food service back to normal

With this change, food service will return to normal, i.e.. porridge in the morning and traditional food service in the school canteen for all students

Students are not obligated to wear masks. Other activities move back into place inside the schools, e.g. leisure activities. However, there will still be various restrictions. Thus, the rules regarding visits will remain unchanged, i.e. parents are not allowed to enter the schools unless there is a special need and  they have been invited to do so. Access for others is also limited.

The current rules apply until 28 February next.