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Prevention education on drug usage for our young people

29. Sep 2020

Hafnarfjarðarbær, in collaboration with the company Heilsulausnir (Health solutions), will in the coming weeks offer students in 9th and 10th grades in Hafnarfjörður's primary schools prevention education on drug usage called Choose with the aim of informing our young people about the dangers of drugs and addiction while strengthening their self-esteem. Educators from Heilsulausn, who are nurses by training, base their educational material on evidence-based sources as well as work experience and emphasize on active participation of the young people themselves in the education. Parents are also offered online education on the same day following a visit to "their school" where the main topics of education are covered as well as it is possible to get in direct contact with the teachers.

Visits to primary schools will be as follows (subject to change):

  • October 1 - Skarðshlíðarskóli
  • October 6 - Áslandsskóli
  • October 8 - Lækjarskóli
  • October 13 - Hvaleyrarskóli
  • October 20 - Víðistaðaskóli
  • October 27 - Öldutúnsskóli
  • October 27 - NÚ
  • October 29 - Setbergsskóli
  • November 3 - Hraunvallaskóli

Everyone has a choice! Lets help our young people to choose carefully

Each year, students in grades 8-10. classes in Hafnarfjörður's primary schools participated in a large national survey regarding drug use and emphasis is placed on assessing and examining in particular the aspects that seem to be important in the lives of young people at any given time.  The town of Hafnarfjörður, like other municipalities participating in the survey, receives a special report for the municipality and the results give a certain picture of the lifestyle, attitudes and drug use of young people in Hafnarfjörður at any given time. The results of this year's survey and the possible impact of Covid19 on our community pushed The Health town of Hafnarfjörður into the task of further increasing the diversity of the powerful prevention work that is already underway in the municipality. The results of the survey provide some indications of a possible increase in the use of addictive drugs among our young people, and this needs to be addressed. 

Strong prevention work is the key to success and increased well-being

The Health Town of Hafnarfjörður takes its preventive role seriously and has for some time been offering education from role models and younger educators within Hafnarfjörður's primary school. This approach has been working well and is highly liked by students, parents and school staff. The discussion is often more open and different and is therefore considered a good addition to the education and encouragement that takes place in other ways through schools, community centers and / or youth centers. Thus, one of Hafnarfjörður´s role models and musician Jón Jónsson has e.g. visited all students in 8th grade at the beginning of each year with education about healthy lifestyles and Hugrún psychiatry visited students in 9th grade with education about mental health, mental illness and resources. Positive and constructive prevention is conducive to empowering our young people and encouraging them to make careful choices and take care of their health; physically and mentally.

Drug education is called VELDU or CHOOSE, which refers to everyone having a choice and it is important to make a decision about what direction one wants to take in life.