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Plastic-free September! Join us and take active part

3. Sep 2020

Plastic-free September is an awareness campaign, which was held for the first time in September 2017. The campaign is annual and preparatory work lasts throughout the year - for example by teaching about plastic-free solutions on Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat, and in the form of lectures in companies and schools. The campaign has grown a lot since the first year and more and more people are beginning to realize the harmful effects of disposable plastic to the environment.that occurs on a daily basis and look for ways to reduce 

The town of Hafnarfjörður supports the campaign!

The campaign should make people think

The purpose of the project is to make people think about the use of plastic and the plastic waste that occurs on a daily basis and look for ways to reduce its use. Huge amounts of disposable plastic are buried or end up in the ocean, which is a matter of great concern. All plastic that has been produced still exists and does not decompose, ie. the plastic that has not ended up in waste incineration. The plastic breaks down into smaller units (microplastics) and its effect on the ecosystem is not fully known.

Plastic-free September encourages us to use less disposable plastic and choose products from other raw materials when possible. The campaign is not about being completely plastic-free in September, but about finding a goal for the month to reduce the consumption of disposable plastic packaging.

We encourage you to take an active part!

On the website Plastlaus September (Plastic-free September)  you can find tips for reducing plastic use in daily life