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Pink October and the Pink Ribbon

14. Oct 2021

Hafnarfjörður takes an active part in the Pink Ribbon initiative in Pink October, by decorating the two hearts in the heart of Hafnarfjörður; on Strandgatan and in Hellisgerði. with pink flowers and pink ornaments. The municipality wants to show support to the Icelandic Cancer Society's important and annual initiative dedicated to the fight against cancer in women. This year the emphasis is on existence and the importance of being present for the women who are diagnosed with cancer, when life suddenly changes with experience which can be very difficult. Alice Olivia Clarke from Hafnarfjörður is one of those who is in the middle of treatment for breast cancer. She is responsible for the sale of MUNDU accessories and a event on The Pink Day 2021.

5O5A0801-vefAlice Olivia Clarke with Rósa Guðbjartsdóttir, Mayor of Hafnarfjörður, in the heart of Hafnarfjörður, which will be pink all October and thus dedicated to the fight against cancer in women.

IMG_1647MUNDU is a symbolic and beautiful accessory. Profit from the sale go directly to the Icelandic Cancer Society.

MUNDU is a symbolic and beautiful accessory

Alice Olivia Clarke from Hafnarfjörður runs TÍRA store in Fjörður shopping center and sells accessories with reflections that she has designed and created herself since 2008. Alice Olivia is herself now in treatment for breast cancer and she is responsible for events, exhibitions and sales in Fjörður and elsewhere, which aims to inform people about breast cancer. For October 2021, Alice has designed a new accessory, a key ring and a bag decoration, which is specially dedicated to her struggle and that of many other women. The accessory is symbolic of breast cancer and the stone covered with yarn represents a lump in a woman's breast. More women entrepreneurs from Hafnarfjörður, e.g. from Garnbúð Edda with the help of Edda herself have worked together on the production and thus helped Alice to make this idea and her own dream a reality. In the coming weeks and months, more MUNDU products will be introduced, among other things in collaboration with Sigga at Sigga & Tímó and the artist Embla Sigurgeirsdóttir. The products are for sale both in Tíra in Fjörður and in other stores on Strandgata. Progress and production will flow and go hand in hand with Alice's well-being and health during her treatment.

The profit from the sale of MUNDU goes directly to Krabbameinsfélagið

Profits from the sale of these unique accessories go to the Icelandic Cancer Society / Krabbameinsfélagið to support research on breast cancer. Alice Olivia's family is actively involved in the project and her son, the illustrator Sigtýr Ægir Kárason, has made a diagram showing how to look for breast lumps, but it was during such self-exam that Alice Olivia discovered her breast cancer. The photo and information about the Cancer Society's annual campaign are included, as well as decorating the store in the Fjörður and informing visitors and pedestrians.


Pink Day is on Friday, October 15th

Friday 15 October is the official Pink Day which is held all over the country. Now on Friday / pink day, at 17 Alice Olivia will host the event MUNDU in Fjörður where artists entertain guests and bypasses. Hafnarfjörður encourages residents and friends of Hafnarfjörður to gather in Fjörður on Pink Day and take an active part by supporting the initiative, wearing the pink ribbon, wearing pink and by lighting up the short day in a pink glow so that all women who have been diagnosed with cancer find community support and solidarity. 

Be there for the women in our lives!