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Pee, poop, toilet paper! The toilet is NOT the trash can!

19. Nov 2020

The project "pee, poop and toilet paper in the toilet" is a collaborative project between The Environment Agency of Iceland and Samorka in collaboration with the Association of Icelandic Municipalities and health committees in the country, which aims to reduce sewage and thus the burden on the environment. With a positive, concise and simple message, local residents and employees of companies and institutions are encouraged to just put pee, poop and toilet paper in the toilets.

The toilet is NOT the trash can - The Toilet is NOT a Trash Can

Today is International Toilet Day, so it's ideal to launch a campaign that aims to remind people of what should only be placed in the toilet: Pee, poop and toilet paper. The toilet is NOT a place for cotton buds/cosmetic buds, cotton, wet wipes, condoms and other such things. These items should be sorted in the appropriate bins. Every day, huge amounts of rubbish enter the sewer system, causing blockages in the system and often extensive damage. Sewage waste is a problem everywhere, but in addition to causing damage to the environment and the operation of sewerage systems, municipalities and thus residents have to bear great common costs due to pump cleaning, equipment failure and waste disposal that enters the sewerage systems. The plumbing has also been blocked due to e.g. wet wipes and then the direct cost to the population can become significant.


  • Each person uses an average of 140 litres of water per day
  • Wet wipes are a nightmare in the pipes and one of the main problems. The same goes for wet wipes marked "flushable"
  • Wet wipes, diapers, sanitary napkins, cotton buds, condoms, dental floss, tampons, fibre cloths, greases and oils are among the items that do not belong in the toilet
  • Unused medicine or expired should not be flushed down the toilet at all, it should be brought to the nearest pharmacy or recycling centre. Pharmaceuticals found in Icelandic lakes and seas can have harmful effects on marine and terrestrial animals.

Let's contribute, use the toilet correctly and educate the people around us!
Reduce the amount of unwanted items that enter the sewer and thus the incidental cost!

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